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Seastick AUV

Seastick Project

Gabri Ltd. is an Italian company operating in Electronics, Automation, Robotics, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. The company was founded in 2004 by Mr. Roberto Linfante, who now remains Chief Operating Officer and Director. The company operates from its headquarters in Genoa, Italy.

The Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Division of Gabri Ltd. was created in 2006 and quickly grew to become the main asset of the company. The division main focus is the SEASTICK™ series of autonomous and unmanned underwater vehicles, whose main goal is to design, produce and test novel, versatile and robust autonomous marine robots for maritime exploration, patrolling, oceanic research and surveillance of aquatic environments. All vehicles in the SEASTICK™ series are based on cutting edge, customizable and proprietary technology developed in the workshops and laboratories at Gabri Ltd., integrated with the highest performing marine sensors on the market.

The SEASTICK™ series comprises autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) of several sizes and for a variety of applications. Our range of products covers at the moment three main designs: from the small, entry-level, low depth SEASTICK™ 100, to the flexible workhorse model SEASTICK™ 300, to the heavy weight, deep-sea sensor mobile platform SEASTICK™ 1000. Other, specialized designs such as the SEASTICK™ 100G Hybrid AUV/Glider are available or can be developed based on customers’ needs, evolving technology and emerging deployment scenarios.

At Gabri Ltd. mechanical workshops, underwater vehicles are designed from scratch in CAD software environments. Parts and hulls are then realized with numerically controlled machines, parallel lathes, manual cutters and 3D printers. Starting from a common general design plan, we can quickly realize highly customized solutions that satisfy the customer’s requests and the needs of the operative scenario. Customization and alterations are possible at the design stage, during production and even after deployment in case unforeseen needs arise during real world usage of the vehicle.

Our electronics laboratories design, assemble and test all manual control, autopilot and sensor control systems of our AUVs. Our technician take care of the seamless integration of third party sensors or maritime instrument with our vehicles systems and the incorporation of their data streams with our hardware and software. This allows to include any advanced technology in our underwater vehicles, making them highly mobile and maneuverable unmanned sensor platforms.

Our software development team is in charge of developing all control, maneuvering and operation software for our AUVs. Our coders also make sure the vehicle is able to manage and store the data from all on-board sensors. Our SEASTICK™ Control Station software is entirely developed by our programmers and is continuously updated for better meeting the customer’s operational needs and accommodate hardware upgrades. All upgrades can be applied remotely via an Internet connection.


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